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Where we discuss finance in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn

Sep 28, 2020

Talking about money with your partner can be difficult even under the best conditions.  Add in a pandemic and it can seem nearly impossible.  Andy Hill of the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast joins me to discuss how we've been handling these conversations in our lives.

You can learn more about Andy Hill and the...

Sep 21, 2020

We need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars over our lifetime in order to retire.  But have you ever been curious how the companies we invest in benefit from our money?

I reached out to Caleb Silver, Editor in Chief of Investopedia, and Kinsey Grant, host of Business Casual, to better understand the impact of our...

Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to another Pop-Up Debate! This is a special episode where I am joined by a past guest to debate a weird and fun topic.  We each get 1 minute to argue our side and then you the listener get to decide who mad the best argument!

This is all recorded live and on the redo...probably some...

Sep 14, 2020

The term ethical investing is becoming more and more common these days.  But what does this truly mean?  Kinsey Grant, host of Business Casual, joins me to breakdown what exactly makes and investment ethical and how you can start using your money to make a difference. 

You can learn more about Kinsey and Business...

Sep 7, 2020

This week things are getting awkward!⁠

On the Popcorn Finance feed I'm bringing you a special dose of This Is Awkward, my other not so secret podcast that I host with Allison from Inspired Budget.⁠

This week we hear from Michelle who has a sister that doesn’t enjoy giving gifts...even for Christmas....