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Where we discuss finance in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn

Jun 28, 2021

As the country begins to reopen many businesses are noticing that their staff is not returning. Many blame unemployment benefits, but I think that this situation is a little more complex.

I joined Shannon and Gary once again on KFI AM 640 to discuss the reasons behind the perceived lack of available employees.



Jun 21, 2021

While rising costs are inevitable and may be out of our control, INVESTING is the most surefire way to keep money working in our favor and not against us!

In today's episode I explain the direct relationship between investing and inflation, and why hiding your money under the mattress is never a good idea.

Have a...

Jun 14, 2021

Are prices always increasing? Today we talk about what costs have actually decreased over time, as well as examine if today’s worry about inflation is warranted and how we got into this situation to begin with.

Today’s Bag of Popcorn is brought to you by Trust & Will. Head to

Jun 7, 2021

It feels like Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and DogeCoin are all anyone is talking about these days. I joined Shannon and Gary on KFI AM 640 to breakdown the crypto craze and the scams that have started to pop up.

Check out my full conversation with Shannon and Gary on KFI AM 640 here


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